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Awaken Your Natural Glow with BIYUSEN™

The story of IREN Shizen began with our visionary scientists as they unraveled nature's best-kept secret: an enchanting water sourced from rare Japanese "moor" onsen hot springs. Overflowing with lavish doses of natural moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, it unveils a complexion so silky-smooth, you'll feel like royalty.

Years of research were invested to perfect an intricate alchemy process – one designed precisely for transforming this extraordinary "moor" onsen water into something truly extraordinary. This metamorphosis gave birth to BIYUSEN™ - an organic compound teeming with skin-renewing acids unparalleled in their transformative powers. This exclusive miracle complex, infused in all IREN Shizen products, is clinically proven to restore your delicate skin back to its optimum splendor.

Fulvic acid

Enhances your skin’s natural defense mechanism as it is a powerful anti-oxidant. It also helps the absorption of oxygen and water.

Humic acid

Lengthens the life of hyaluronic acid molecules. This keeps the skin’s moisture level as high as possible and slows down wrinkle formation.

Hymatomelanic acid

Smooths and heals skin texture and accelerates the healing of superficial micro-wounds as well as cell renewal.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin


We eliminate any ingredients that can cause skin issues, and source only raw materials which are strictly compliant for use with sensitive skin. Our moisturizers are free of preservatives, fragrances, alcohol and other sensitizing agents. Apart from being preservative-free, it is also free of silicones, ensuring your pores stay clear and your complexion remains radiant.