Our Philosophy


This translates to “creating space” or “leisure”—making room for relaxation and self-care in our lives. We believe in the power of slowing down, reconnecting with our inner self, and indulging in the beauty of self-care. We are here to help you take good care of yourself holistically and respectfully, not just your skin.

Mantra For Healing Skin

We believe that the simple practice of cultivating a skincare routine can benefit you in a mental and spiritual way, which will be positively reflected on your skin. Those few minutes you spend with yourself is treated like a ritual to honour and pamper yourself aesthetically. When you go through skincare steps in a rhythmic, calm, and purposeful manner—it can be a meditative experience and an opportunity to practise mindfulness at the start or end of your every day.

Our 3-Steps Healing Ritual


Cleansing your face, then splashing the cold water onto your skin is alike to washing off the nasties, along with negative thoughts for the day.


Applying and patting in your treatment serums serves as a reminder to yourself to relish in the goodness of everyday, replenish your energy and recharge the mind.


Gently massaging in the moisturiser with your fingertips feels like sealing in all the positive reaffirmations from yourself and others, inspiring confidence in your everyday life.

Healing with Nature

Our products are inspired by a love of Japan's incredible natural resources that make up the time-honored Japanese pantry. Many have also been treasured ingredients of the Japanese skincare rituals for centuries. We are dedicated to the highest standard of natural ingredients and are uncompromising on quality.

Our Promise to You


We pledge to deliver on our net zero waste production by 2025.


We always formulate for maximum results without irritation.

Ethical Sourcing

We screen ingredients to ensure social and environmental responsibility.

Satisfaction Guaranty

We refund your purchase if you are not satisfied with our products.