SKIN GENIE PRO Cleansing Brush + LED Light Therapy

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Cleanse, LED Light, massage in one device


Fine Lines

Clogged Pores


Introducing the only facial cleansing device with clinical-grade anti-ageing treatments – targeted microcurrent & LED light therapy. With a built-in sonic massager paired with ultra-soft anti-bacterial silicone bristles, this multifunctional skincare device expertly removes impurities and gently deep-cleanses your pores. Flip over for a quick LED light facial with four light options targeting different skin concerns - for a fully customizable skincare experience in the comfort of your own home.


  • Customised deep cleansing - 4 adjustable intensity modes with up to 9,000 vibrations per minute
  • Revitalizing light treatment - offers the full spectrum of wavelengths to refine complexion on a cellular level
  • Firming microcurrent massage - tightens the facial muscles while infusing active ingredients into the deepest layers
  • Portable & travel-friendly - convenient palm-sized for easy carry
  • Hygienic & waterproof - made of bacteria-resistant silicone, 100% waterproof, easy to clean
  • Staggering battery life - USB rechargeable with up to 2 weeks of use per single charge

1 YEAR international warranty

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Recovers the equivalent of 80 bottles of ocean-bound plastic Plastic is cleaned from rivers and shorelines, providing income to local waste pickers. You can track your impact after purchase.

Key Functions

The ultimate 3-in-1 beauty device that fits the full spa facial treatment in the palm of your hands

The ultimate 3-in-1 beauty device that fits the full spa facial treatment in the palm of your hands

Dive Into the Evidence

Visible Results

100% agree skin feels deeply clean after first use.

91% agree pore size is minimized and pores look more refined after 2 weeks of daily use.

97% agree skin looks firmer, lifted and feels more elastic after 4 weeks of daily use.

*Consumer reported results based on 32 women aged 26 - 52.

100% Waterproof

Ultra-hygienic Silicone

We use only medical-grade silicone, which provides excellent durability and complete safety when in contact with human skin. Silicone-based bristles are less likely to accumulate dirt and grime, making them 35 times more hygienic than brush devices with nylon bristles. Moreover, the silicone design renders our product completely waterproof for use in the bath or shower, and incredibly easy to clean.

Anti-aging Massage

Sonic Micro-vibrations

With up to 9,000 vibrations per minute, this high-frequency massage can temporarily open up your pores, allowing the skincare's cleansing agents to penetrate deep into skin's layers for a thorough cleanse. Additionally, it can relax any facial and neck muscle tension points, promote healthy blood flow, and leave skin looking radiant and healthy.

NASA-powered Technology

LED Light Therapy

Originally developed by NASA for plant growth in space, this technology is later used by aestheticans to treat multiple skin concerns - with each color boasting its own unique benefits.

Red LED: Best for anti-aging
Green LED: Best for brightening
Blue LED: Best for treating acne
Purple LED: Best for eliminating toxins and inflammation

Advanced Facial Toning

Microcurrent & Heat Therapy

Often referred to as an instant facial workout, microcurrent works by using a low-voltage electrical current to stimulate facial muscles, helping to define cheekbones, lift eyebrows and firm sagging skin. The added heat therapy further softens your skin and preps it for the deep absorption of active ingredients.

How to Use


Apply cleanser to your face. Press and hold power button to turn on device. Select green light to activate the massager feature. Choose a suitable speed and massage in circular motions for 30 seconds on each side of your face. Rinse and pat your face dry.


Apply serum or facial oil to clean skin. Press and hold power button to turn on device. Select one of the four light modes according to your skin needs. Choose a suitable intensity and gently massage the face in an upward and outward motion until the built-in timer turns the device off. Continue with your usual skincare routine after massage.

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How do I turn my SKIN GENIE PRO device on and off?

Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on, and press and hold again to turn off the device. After completing a routine for 4 minutes, the device will turn off automatically.

Is the charging point on SKIN GENIE PRO waterproof?

Yes, the charging point is waterproof which means you can use SKIN GENIE PRO in the shower in the cleansing mode. The massage mode can't be used in the shower. Do not use the device in massage mode if it has been submerged in water. SKIN GENIE PRO should be completely dry before activating the massage function. Make sure the device is completely dry before charging and do use it while charging. Once you are done using your device, store it in a dry area. Do not leave the device submerged in water.

How often can I use my SKIN GENIE PRO device?

SKIN GENIE PRO devices are safe and gentle enough to use every day, either morning or night. We recommend using your SKIN GENIE PRO any time your skin needs a deeper cleanse. Massage mode shouldn't be used more than two times per day.

Can SKIN GENIE PRO be used for removing makeup?

All make-up should be removed before doing the cleansing routine with SKIN GENIE PRO device.

How hard should I press when I move my SKIN GENIE PRO?

There is no need to use any pressure when using SKIN GENIE PRO. Gently cleanse your face using circular movements on the cheeks and forehead, gliding up and down the nose.

What kind of facial cleanser can I use?

You can use the cleanser of your preference as long as it does not contain ingredients that can damage the silicone of your device. Please avoid using clay-based, silicone-based or grainy cleansers, exfoliators, or scrubs, as they may damage the device's soft silicone bristles.

Can I use my SKIN GENIE PRO during pregnancy?

The cleansing mode is safe to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, but the microcurrent function is not recommended. Change to purple LED mode to turn off the microcurrent function.

How do I change the LED light modes?

Press and hold the power button to turn on the device. Press the power button again (up to 4 times) to select one of the four LED light modes.

How do I adjust the intensity of the sonic micro-vibrations, heating and microcurrent?

SKIN GENIE PRO is designed with 4 different cleansing and microcurrent intensities for your selection. Press the + and - buttons to adjust the intensity.

Do I need to use IREN Shizen's serum or facial oil with microcurrent?

Yes, it is essential to use our serum or facial oil with the device as the products are specially formulated with conductive ingredients, allowing microcurrent to transfer effectively from the device to your skin.

NOTE: Microcurrent mode is not recommended for inflammed skin and is automatically turned off in purple mode.

How do I clean my SKIN GENIE PRO device?

Always clean SKIN GENIE PRO thoroughly after use. Wash the brush surface with water and soap, then rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth or towel.

NOTE: Never use cleaning products containing alcohol, petrol, or acetone, as they may irritate the skin and damage the silicone.