Our Story

Nature's Healing Water of Japan

How It Started

IREN Shizen's founder, Eric Shinichi, had always appreciated Japan's culture. On a trip to a hot spring resort in Hokkaido, he made a chance discovery of the locals' natural glowing skin. He learned that they soaked in a moor hot spring called "Bijin-no-yu", which means hot spring of beauty.

Amazed by the skin-regenerating powers, Eric decided to share this beauty secret with the world by infusing moor hot spring water into his skincare formulations, eventually creating Biyusen™.


This proprietary complex of actives is the cornerstone of our skincare. Derived from the rarest plant-derived moor hot spring in Hokkaido, this wonder water is found in only one location in Japan—carefully integrated into the heart of every IREN Shizen products today.

Nature's Healers

We conscientiously formulate every product with the finest selection of nature-derived ingredients sustainably sourced from Japan, creating the ultimate efficacious skincare that is gentle to your skin and the environment.

Art of Slow Beauty

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of “taking time for yourself,” we firmly believe in finding joy in the little moments of self-care and wellness. We craft mindful skincare regimens to nourish not just the skin, but also the state of mind.


We deeply care about the environment around us and all living things—from animals to communities. Embracing Japan’s affinity and affection with nature, we are actively taking steps to reduce carbon footprint and practices that are harmful to nature.

"Experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself."

- Kachou Fuugetsu